[Daily article] January 29: Interstate 70 in West Virginia

At 14.45 miles (23.26 km), the West Virginia segment of Interstate 70
(I-70) is the shortest in any state through which I-70 passes on its way
from near Cove Fort, Utah, to near Baltimore, Maryland. Part of the U.S.
Interstate Highway System, it crosses the Northern Panhandle region of
West Virginia through Ohio County and the city of Wheeling. The Fort
Henry Bridge carries I-70 from Wheeling Island across the Ohio River and
into downtown Wheeling before the freeway enters the Wheeling Tunnel.
I-470, the lone auxiliary Interstate Highway in West Virginia, is
intersected near Elm Grove. Before crossing into Pennsylvania, I-70
passes The Highlands, a major shopping center, and the Bear Rock Lakes
Wildlife Management Area. Between 27,000 and 53,000 vehicles use the
freeway daily. The I-70 designation was brought to the Northern
Panhandle with the passage of the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956, and a
controlled-access highway was built across the panhandle, bypassing
portions of the old National Road constructed in 1818 to connect
Wheeling and Cumberland, Maryland. The first portions of I-70 were
opened in 1963, and construction was completed across the panhandle by

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Today’s selected anniversaries:


An Lushan, leader of a revolt against the Tang Dynasty and
emperor of Yan, was murdered by his own son, An Qingxu.


Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom issued a Warrant under the
Royal sign-manual that established the Victoria Cross, originally to
recognise acts of valour by British military personnel during the
Crimean War.


Liliʻuokalani was proclaimed the last monarch and only queen
regnant of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi.


World War II: At least 38 people were killed and about a dozen
injured when the Polish village of Koniuchy (present-day Kaniūkai,
Lithuania) was attacked by Soviet partisan units.


India’s Irfan Pathan became the first bowler to take a Test
cricket hat-trick in the opening over of a match.

Wiktionary’s word of the day:

(transitive) To bypass a requirement or make it unnecessary.

Wikiquote quote of the day:

  If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child
may have peace.  
–Thomas Paine

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