[Daily article] July 17: Operation Mascot

Operation Mascot was an unsuccessful British air raid on the German
battleship Tirpitz which took place during the early hours of 17 July
1944. One of a series of aircraft carrier strikes between April and
August 1944 against the battleship at anchor in Kaafjord, Norway, the
raid was conducted by 44 British dive bombers and 40 fighters from three
carriers. They were detected en route by German radar stations, and
Tirpitz was protected by a smoke screen by the time they arrived. Few of
the British airmen were able to spot the battleship, and their attacks
did not inflict any significant damage. German losses were limited to a
patrol craft damaged beyond repair; three British aircraft were
destroyed or damaged beyond repair by Kaafjord’s defenders. Two U-boats
from a group attempting to intercept the carrier force were sunk by
British patrol aircraft, and several others were damaged. Despite the
failure of Operation Mascot, the Royal Navy attempted four further
carrier raids against Tirpitz during August 1944. These attacks were
also unsuccessful, and the task of sinking the battleship was
transferred to the Royal Air Force.

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Today’s selected anniversaries:


French Revolution: Members of the National Guard fired into a
large crowd that was gathered at the Champ de Mars, Paris to sign a
petition demanding the removal of King Louis XVI.


The New Zealand Wars resumed as British forces in New Zealand
led by General Duncan Cameron began their Invasion of the Waikato.


RMS Carpathia, which had rescued the survivors of the RMS
Titanic sinking, was itself sunk by a German U-boat.


Nationalist rebels attempted a coup d’état against the Second
Spanish Republic, sparking the Spanish Civil War.


TWA Flight 800 exploded in mid-air (wreckage pictured) and
crashed into the Atlantic Ocean near East Moriches, New York.

Wiktionary’s word of the day:

1. (not comparable) Not used.
2. Not accustomed (to), unfamiliar with.

Wikiquote quote of the day:

  The real damage from terrorist attacks doesn’t come from the
explosion. The real damage is done after the explosion, by the victims,
who repeatedly and determinedly attack themselves, giving over reason in
favor of terror. Every London cop who stops someone from taking a
picture of a public building, every TSA agent who takes away your kid’s
toothpaste, every NSA spook who wiretaps your email, does the
terrorist’s job for him. Terrorism is about magnifying one mediagenic
act of violence into one hundred billion acts of terrorized
authoritarian idiocy.  
–Cory Doctorow

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