[Daily article] July 23: Ian Dougald McLachlan

Ian Dougald McLachlan (23 July 1911 – 14 July 1991) was a senior
commander in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). A Duntroon cadet
before he joined the Air Force, McLachlan took command of No. 3
Squadron in December 1939, leading it into action in the Middle East
less than a year later. He was posted to the South West Pacific in 1943,
commanding successively Nos. 71 and 73 Wings. He took over Southern
Area Command in 1944, and No. 81 Wing in the Dutch East Indies the
following year. Raised to air commodore in 1946, McLachlan served with
the British Commonwealth Air Group in Japan until 1948. After leading
North-Eastern Area Command in 1951–53, he attended the Imperial
Defence College, London. Promoted to air vice marshal, he returned to
Australia in 1957 as Air Officer Commanding Training Command, carrying
out major reviews on the RAAF’s educational and command systems. He was
Deputy Chief of the Air Staff in 1959–61, and then Head of the
Australian Joint Services Staff in Washington, DC, until 1963.
McLachlan’s final post before retiring in 1968 was as Air Member for
Supply and Equipment. He was a consultant to Northrop after leaving the

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Today’s selected anniversaries:


William Austin Burt was awarded a patent for the typographer,
the first practical typewriting machine.


Austria-Hungary presented Serbia with an ultimatum to allow
them to investigate the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, that
Serbia would ultimately reject, leading to World War I.


The Holocaust: The gas chambers at Treblinka extermination camp
began operation, killing 6,500 Jews who had been transported from the
Warsaw Ghetto the day before.


Qaboos overthrew his father Said bin Taimur to become Sultan of


Sarah Ferguson married Prince Andrew, Duke of York at
Westminster Abbey, joining the British Royal Family as the Duchess of

Wiktionary’s word of the day:

mare’s nest:
1. A great discovery which turns out to be illusory; a hoax.
2. A confused or complicated situation; a muddle.

Wikiquote quote of the day:

  We must never lose sight of the fact that the law has a moral
foundation, and we must never fail to ask ourselves not only what the
law is, but what the law should be.  
–Anthony Kennedy

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