[Daily article] August 18: Tjioeng Wanara

Tjioeng Wanara is a 1941 film from the Dutch East Indies (modern-day
Indonesia) directed and produced by Jo Eng Sek as the second production
by Star Film. Starring R Sukran, Elly Joenara, and AB Djoenaedi, the
film depicts the political manipulations in the Sundanese kingdom of
Galuh, where a young prince named Tjioeng Wanara must reclaim his
throne. The film, which was adapted by Rd Ariffien from the Sundanese
legend of the same name, was the first colossal production in the
Indies, featuring more than 500 people in supporting roles and as
extras. Tjioeng Wanara was released on 18 August 1941. Advertisements
emphasised that the scholar Poerbatjaraka had served as the historical
adviser and that the film was based on the version of the legend
published by Balai Pustaka, the official publisher of the Dutch colonial
government. The film premiered to commercial success, but received mixed
reviews. Following the film’s release, Star released four further films.
This black-and-white production, which was screened until at least 1948,
may now be lost.

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Today’s selected anniversaries:


Reconquista: After a four-month siege, the Catholic Monarchs
conquered the city of Málaga from the Muslims.


An unusually bright meteor procession blazed across the night
sky over Great Britain.


A hurricane struck Martinique, killing about 700 people,
injuring at least 1,000 others, and obliterating houses, trees, and
crops across the entire island.


Vietnam War: Members from D Company of the 6th Battalion of the
Royal Australian Regiment were surrounded and attacked on all sides by a
much larger Viet Cong unit at the Battle of Long Tan (RAAF helicopter
pictured), but held them off for several hours until reinforcements


North Korean soldiers killed two American soldiers in the Joint
Security Area of the Korean Demilitarized Zone, heightening tensions
over a 100-foot (30 m) poplar tree that blocked the line of sight
between a United Nations Command checkpoint and an observation post.

Wiktionary’s word of the day:

1. (transitive, Britain) To clean (a room, etc.) with a vacuum cleaner,
irrespective of brand.
2. (intransitive, Britain) To use a vacuum cleaner, irrespective of brand.
3. (transitive) To suck in or inhale, as if by a vacuum cleaner.

Wikiquote quote of the day:

  When the first flint, the first shell, was shaped into a weapon,
that action shaped man. As he molded and complicated his tools, so they
molded and complicated him. He became the first scientific animal. And
at last, via information theory and great computers, he gained knowledge
of all his parts. He formed the Laws of Integration, which reveal all
beings as part of a pattern and show them their part in the pattern.
There is only the pattern; the pattern is all the universe, creator and
–Brian Aldiss

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