[Daily article] November 25: Killer Instinct Gold

Killer Instinct Gold is a fighting video game based on the arcade game
Killer Instinct 2. It was developed by Rare and initially released on
November 25, 1996, by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 video game console.
As in other series entries, players press buttons to punch and kick
their opponent in chains of successive hits, known as combos. Large
combo chains lead to stronger attacks and brutal, stylistic finisher
moves. Characters—including a gargoyle, a ninja, and a femme
fatale—fight in settings including a jungle and a spaceship. The Gold
release lacks the arcade version’s full-motion video sequences, but adds
a training mode, new camera views, and improved audiovisuals. It was
later included in Rare’s 2015 Xbox One retrospective compilation, Rare
Replay. Reviewers appreciated the game’s sound and environment
backdrops, but felt that its graphical upgrades and memorization-based
combo gameplay were insufficient when compared to fighting games like
Tekken 2 and Virtua Fighter 2. Gold ultimately did not replicate the
success of its Super NES predecessor, and the series remained dormant
through its 2002 acquisition by Microsoft until its 2013 reboot.

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Today’s selected anniversaries:


William Adelin, the only legitimate son of King Henry I of
England, drowned in the White Ship Disaster, leading to eighteen years
of civil war, a period later known as the Anarchy.


Reconquista: The Granada War was effectively brought to an end
with the signing of the Treaty of Granada between Castile-Aragon and the
Emirate of Granada.


Stanisław August Poniatowski, the last King of Poland, was
forced to abdicate after the Third Partition of the Polish–Lithuanian


Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan signed the Anti-Comintern
Pact, agreeing that if the Soviet Union attacked one of them, they would
consult each other on what measures to take “to safeguard their common


Failing to instigate a military coup to restore the powers of
the Emperor of Japan, author Yukio Mishima publicly committed the ritual
suicide seppuku.

Wiktionary’s word of the day:

A feeling of dissatisfaction, anxiety, etc., caused by the dogged and
ongoing pursuit of more goods and possessions.

Wikiquote quote of the day:

  The future is too interesting and dangerous to be entrusted to any
predictable, reliable agency. We need all the fallibility we can get.
Most of all, we need to preserve the absolute unpredictability and total
improbability of our connected minds. That way we can keep open all the
options, as we have in the past.  
–Lewis Thomas

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