[Daily article] January 13: Jersey Act

The Jersey Act was a 1913 regulation by the British Jockey Club and the
owners of the General Stud Book that prevented most American-bred
Thoroughbred horses from registering with them. It was intended to halt
the increasing importation of racehorses of possibly impure bloodlines
after a series of bans on gambling by US states, including gambling on
horse races. The loss of breeding records during the American Civil War
and the late beginning of the registration of American Thoroughbreds led
many in the British racing establishment to doubt that the American-bred
horses were purebred. The Act prohibited the registration of horses
unless all of their Thoroughbred ancestors had been registered. Despite
protests from American breeders the regulation was in force until 1949.
By then, ineligible horses were increasingly successful in races in
Europe, British and Irish breeders had lost access to French
Thoroughbreds during and after the Second World War, and any impure
ancestors of the American bloodlines had receded far back in most
horses’ ancestry.

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Today’s selected anniversaries:


French Revolutionary Wars: A naval battle off the coast of
Brittany between two British frigates and a French ship of the line
ended with over 900 deaths when the latter ran aground.


The first public radio broadcast, a live performance of
Cavalleria rusticana from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City,
was sent over the airwaves.


About 30,000 people in Avezzano, Italy—96% of its
population—were killed when an earthquake struck the region.


American singer Johnny Cash recorded his landmark album At
Folsom Prison live at the Folsom State Prison in California.


Steve Ballmer replaced Bill Gates as Chief Executive Officer of

Wiktionary’s word of the day:

Hilary term:
1. The second term of the legal year, running from January to March or
April, during which the upper courts of England and Wales, and Ireland,
sit to hear cases.
2. The second academic term of the universities of Oxford and Dublin,
running from January to March. The term was modelled after the legal
term, but does not begin and end on the same dates.

Wikiquote quote of the day:

  RELIGION IS DOING; a man does not merely think his religion or
feel it, he lives his religion as much as he is able, otherwise it is
not religion but fantasy or philosophy. Whether he likes it or not he
shows his attitude towards religion by his actions and he can show his
attitude only by his actions.  
–G. I. Gurdjieff

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