[Daily article] May 26: Akodon spegazzinii

Akodon spegazzinii, Spegazzini’s grass mouse, is a rodent in the genus
Akodon. It inhabits grassland and forest in northwestern Argentina at
400 to 3,500 m (1,300 to 11,500 ft) above sea level. Compared with
other members of the Akodon boliviensis species group, it is medium in
size, with a head-and-body length of 93 to 196 mm (3.7 to 7.7 in) and
a mass of 13.0 to 38.0 g (0.46 to 1.34 oz). The coloration of its
upperparts varies considerably, from light to dark and from yellowish to
reddish brown. The underparts are yellow-brown to gray. The eyes are
surrounded by a ring of yellow fur. The skull contains an hourglass-
shaped interorbital region (between the eyes), and various features of
the skull distinguish the species from its close allies. It reproduces
year-round. First named in 1897, the species now includes mice that had
been given other names from variable populations. Because it is common
and widely distributed in its habitat, it is considered a species of
least concern.

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Today’s selected anniversaries:


Portuguese Restoration War: Portuguese and Spanish forces both
claimed victory in the Battle of Montijo.


The Church of England returned the original manuscript of Of
Plymouth Plantation, the account of the Pilgrims and the early years of
the colony they founded in North America, to Massachusetts.


Second World War: A flotilla of “little ships” began a mass
evacuation of British, French and Belgian troops cut off by the German
army during the Battle of Dunkirk.


Lauda Air Flight 004 experienced an uncommanded thrust reverser
deployment of an engine and broke apart in mid-air, killing all 223
people on board.

Wiktionary’s word of the day:

A cheese pastry from the Eastern European country Georgia.

Wikiquote quote of the day:

  Wikis work best in environments where you’re comfortable
delegating control to the users of the system.  
–Ward Cunningham

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