[Daily article] August 4: Rare Replay

Rare Replay is a compilation of 30 video games by developer Rare and its
predecessor, Ultimate Play the Game, released on August 4, 2015. The
emulated games span 30 years and multiple genres and consoles, from the
ZX Spectrum to the Xbox 360. The compilation adds cheats to make the
older games easier and a challenge mode of specific sequences culled
from the games. Player progress is rewarded with behind-the-scenes
footage and interviews about Rare’s major and unreleased games. Rare
incorporated six hardware emulators in the package, and used an
unannounced Xbox 360 emulation from its parent company, Microsoft. Rare
Replay was released worldwide as an Xbox One exclusive to generally
favorable reviews. Critics appreciated its archival game content and
developer interviews, but faulted technical issues in the Xbox 360
emulation and game installation. Among its games, reviewers preferred
Rare’s Nintendo 64 classics, especially Blast Corps, but disliked
Perfect Dark Zero, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, and the Spectrum titles.
Rare Replay became Rare’s first United Kingdom all-format charts
bestseller since Banjo-Kazooie in 1998.

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Today’s selected anniversaries:


Second Barons’ War: Royal forces under Prince Edward defeated
Baronial forces under Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, at the
Battle of Evesham near Evesham, Worcestershire.


The signing of the Treaty of Sistova brought an end to the
Austro-Turkish War.


First World War: Adhering to the terms in the 1839 Treaty of
London, the United Kingdom declared war on Germany in response to the
latter’s invasion of Belgium.


Yōhei Kōno, Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, issued a formal
apology for forcing women into sexual slavery during World War II.


Airport police officer María del Luján Telpuk discovered a
suitcase containing US$800,000 as it went through an X-ray machine in
Buenos Aires, sparking an international scandal involving Venezuela and
Argentina known as “Maletinazo”.

Wiktionary’s word of the day:

(colloquial, usually childish) A horse.

Wikiquote quote of the day:

  A declaration is not a government; a creed is not enough. The
Founders recognized that there were seeds of anarchy in the idea of
individual freedom, an intoxicating danger in the idea of equality, for
if everybody is truly free, without the constraints of birth or rank or
an inherited social order — if my notion of faith is no better or
worse than yours, and my notions of truth and goodness and beauty are as
true and good and beautiful as yours — then how can we ever hope to
form a society that coheres? Enlightenment thinkers like Hobbes and
Locke suggested that free men would form governments as a bargain to
ensure that one man’s freedom did not become another man’s tyranny; that
they would sacrifice individual license to better preserve their
–The Audacity of Hope

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