[Daily article] February 10: Tropical Depression Ten (2005)

Tropical Depression Ten was a precursor of Hurricane Katrina during the
record-breaking 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. It formed on August 13
from a tropical wave off the west coast of Africa, but the depression
faced strong wind shear and remained weak. By August 14, it no longer
met the criteria for a tropical cyclone, and the National Hurricane
Center issued their final advisory on it. Moving westward, the storm
produced occasional bursts of atmospheric convection. By August 18,
only a remnant mid-level circulation persisted. This merged with a
second tropical wave on August 23 to form Tropical Depression Twelve,
which grew into Katrina, the third most intense tropical cyclone ever to
make landfall in the United States. Katrina was the costliest US
disaster until Hurricane Harvey in 2017, and one of the deadliest
Atlantic hurricanes, causing severe destruction along the Gulf Coast
from central Florida to Texas, much of it due to storm surge and levee
failure. At least 1,245 people died in the hurricane and subsequent

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Today’s selected anniversaries:


A tavern dispute between Oxford University students and
townsfolk turned into a riot that left about 90 people dead.


War of the Sixth Coalition: A French army led by Napoleon
effectively destroyed a small Russian corps led by Zakhar Dmitrievich


The Việt Nam Quốc Dân Đảng launched the failed Yên
Bái mutiny in the hope of ending French colonial rule in Vietnam.


Kenyan security forces massacred approximately 5,000 ethnic
Somalis at the Wagalla Airstrip in Wajir County, Kenya.


The Namdaemun gate in Seoul, the first of South Korea’s
National Treasures, was severely damaged by arson (damage pictured).

Wiktionary’s word of the day:

1. A level or rank in an organization, profession, or society.
2. (cycling) A line of riders seeking maximum drafting in a crosswind,
resulting in a diagonal line across the road.
3. (military) A formation of troops, ships, etc., in diagonal parallel

Wikiquote quote of the day:

  It has always been assumed that the most important things in the
Gospels are the ethical maxims and commandments. But for me the most
important thing is that Christ speaks in parables taken from life, that
He explains the truth in terms of everyday reality. The idea that
underlies this is that communion between mortals is immortal, and that
the whole of life is symbolic because it is meaningful.  
–Boris Pasternak

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