[Daily article] March 31: Nightswimming (Awake)

“Nightswimming” is the eighth episode of the American television police
procedural fantasy drama Awake, which originally aired on NBC in 2012.
Written by Leonard Chang and co-executive producer Davey Holmes, and
directed by executive producer Jeffrey Reiner, the episode received
mixed reviews. Awake stars Jason Isaacs (pictured) as Michael Britten, a
detective living in two separate realities after a car crash. In one
reality, his wife Hannah (Laura Allen) survived the crash; in the other,
his son Rex (Dylan Minnette) survived. In this episode, Michael helps
accountant Marcus Ananyev (Elijah Alexander) and his wife Alina (Ayelet
Zurer) start a new life in the Witness Protection Program after a gang
member attempts to kill Marcus in Rex’s reality. In the other reality,
Michael and Hannah prepare for a new life in Oregon, and go swimming at
a college pool to celebrate their love. During filming, a woman who was
near the swimming pool confronted Isaacs about his nudity. The episode
featured Otis Redding’s “Pain in My Heart”. “Nightswimming” drew 2.8
million viewers on its debut.

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Today’s selected anniversaries:


Greek War of Independence: Ottoman troops began the massacre of
over 20,000 Greeks on the island of Chios.


Philippine–American War: Malolos, capital of the First
Philippine Republic, was captured by American forces.


Six English towns amalgamated to form a single county borough
called Stoke-on-Trent, the first union of its type.


Brazilian Armed Forces led an overthrow of Brazilian President
João Goulart and established a military government that lasted for 21


American singer-songwriter, Selena, known as “The Queen of
Tejano music”, was murdered in Corpus Christi, Texas, by the president
of her fan club, Yolanda Saldívar.

Wiktionary’s word of the day:

1. Tending to worship; showing reverence.
2. (chiefly Britain) Used as respectful form of address for a person or
body of persons, especially in the name of a livery company.

Wikiquote quote of the day:

  I don’t think the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has much
chance of actually affecting the government. It’s one of the first
things you have to face up to. But we do it to keep our self-respect to
show to ourselves, each one to himself or herself, that we care. And to
let other people, all the lazy, sulky, hopeless ones like you, know that
someone cares. We’re trying to shame you into thinking about it, about
–John Fowles

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