[Daily article] April 24: 1867 Manhattan, Kansas earthquake

The 1867 Manhattan earthquake struck Riley County, Kansas, in the United
States on April 24. The strongest earthquake to originate in the state,
it measured 5.1 on a seismic scale based on reports of how strongly it
was felt in the area. Its epicenter was near the town of Manhattan. On
the Mercalli intensity scale, its maximum perceived intensity was VII,
“very strong”. There were reports of minor damage in Kansas, Iowa, and
Missouri, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It was felt as far
away as Indiana and Illinois, and perhaps Ohio, though the latter
reports have been questioned. Manhattan is near the Nemaha Ridge, a long
anticline structure that is bounded by several faults. A 2016 hazard
map from the U.S. Geological Survey estimated a 1% or lower risk for a
major earthquake in Kansas for the following year, though the nearby
Humboldt Fault Zone continues to pose a threat to the city, and
scientists from the agency think an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 remains

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Today’s selected anniversaries:


The Library of Congress (building pictured), the de facto
national library of the United States, was established as part of an act
of Congress providing for the transfer of the nation’s capital from
Philadelphia to Washington, D.C.


The Franck–Hertz experiment, the first electrical measurement
to clearly demonstrate quantum mechanics, was presented to the German
Physical Society.


Eight U.S. servicemen died in Operation Eagle Claw, a failed
attempt to rescue the captives in the Iran hostage crisis.


A building in the Savar Upazila of Dhaka, Bangladesh,
collapsed, killing 1,134 people, making it the deadliest accidental
structural failure in modern history.

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  The best way to be thankful is to use the goods the gods provide
–Anthony Trollope

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