[Daily article] April 27: Gomphus clavatus

Gomphus clavatus, the violet chanterelle, is an edible species of fungus
native to Eurasia and North America. The fruit body is vase- or fan-
shaped with wavy edges on its rim, and grows up to 15 cm (6 in) wide
and 17 cm (6 3⁄4 in) tall. The upper surface or cap is orangish-
brown to lilac, while the lower spore-bearing surface, the hymenium, is
covered in wrinkles and ridges rather than gills or pores, and is a
distinctive purple color. Described by Jacob Christian Schäffer in
1774, it is found in coniferous forests and is associated particularly
with spruces and firs. It is more common at elevations of greater than
2,000 ft (600 m), in moist, shady areas with plenty of leaf litter.
Although widespread, G. clavatus has become rare in many parts of
Europe and extinct in the British Isles. It is on the national Red Lists
of threatened fungi in 17 European countries and is one of 33 species
proposed for international conservation under the Bern Convention.

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Today’s selected anniversaries:


Aelia Eudoxia married Byzantine emperor Arcadius without the
knowledge or consent of Rufinus, the Praetorian prefect who had intended
for his own daughter to wed the emperor.


Filipino natives led by chieftain Lapu-Lapu killed Portuguese
explorer Ferdinand Magellan at the Battle of Mactan (pictured).


American Revolutionary War: British Army regulars defeated
Patriot militias in the Battle of Ridgefield, galvanizing resistance in
the Connecticut Colony.


The Expo 67 world’s fair opened in Montreal, with 62 nations
participating and more than 50 million visitors ultimately attending.


Thirty people died, including players and staff of the Zambia
football team and the crew, in a plane crash en route to play a World
Cup qualifying match against Senegal.

Wiktionary’s word of the day:

ghost town:
1. A town which has become deserted, usually due to failing economic
activity, especially one that still has substantial visible remains.
2. (figuratively) Anything that has been deserted or abandoned, or has been
empty all along.

Wikiquote quote of the day:

  I now hold omnipotence. What should I do with such almighty
power? The answer to that is actually quite simple: Anything I want.
Anything. I am incapable of error. Any result that displeases me I can
simply reverse. There is nothing I need to worry on, for I am Thanos.
And Thanos is supreme.  
–Jim Starlin

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