[Daily article] May 5: CMLL World Middleweight Championship

The CMLL World Middleweight Championship is a professional wrestling
world championship of the Mexican wrestling promotion Consejo Mundial de
Lucha Libre. While lighter weight classes are regularly ignored in
wrestling promotions in the United States, more emphasis is placed on
the lighter classes in Mexico. The middleweight division range in Mexico
is between 82 kg (181 lb) and 87 kg (192 lb), but the weight limits
are not strictly adhered to. As it is a professional wrestling
championship, it is not won by actual competition, but by a scripted
ending to a match or storyline. Dragón Rojo Jr., the longest reigning
CMLL champion, was defeated on March 25, 2017, by Ángel de Oro, the
current champion. Since its creation in 1991, the championship has been
held by 12 wrestlers for a total of 17 individual reigns. El Dandy is
the only three-time champion; Apolo Dantés had the shortest reign, at
77 days.

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Today’s selected anniversaries:


The Second Council of Constantinople, considered by many
Christian churches to have been the fifth Christian Ecumenical Council,
began to discuss the topics of Nestorianism and Origenism, among others.


Cromwell’s Act of Grace, which pardoned the people of Scotland
for any crimes they may have committed during the Wars of the Three
Kingdoms, was proclaimed in Edinburgh.


World War II: A squad of 250 Norwegian volunteers in Hegra
Fortress finally surrendered to a vastly superior Nazi force after a
25-day siege.


Project Mercury: Aboard the American spacecraft Freedom 7, Alan
Shepard made a sub-orbital flight, becoming the second person to travel
into outer space.


A series of demonstrations in Athens and general strikes across
Greece began in response to austerity measures imposed by the government
as a result of the debt crisis.

Wiktionary’s word of the day:

1. (transitive) To arrange in tabular form; to arrange into a table.
2. (transitive) To set out as a list; to enumerate, to list.

Wikiquote quote of the day:

  Nature has pointed out a mixed kind of life as most suitable to
the human race, and secretly admonished them to allow none of these
biases to draw too much, so as to incapacitate them for other
occupations and entertainments. Indulge your passion for science, says
she, but let your science be human, and such as may have a direct
reference to action and society. Abstruse thought and profound
researches I prohibit, and will severely punish, by the pensive
melancholy which they introduce, by the endless uncertainty in which
they involve you, and by the cold reception which your pretended
discoveries shall meet with, when communicated. Be a philosopher; but,
amidst all your philosophy, be still a man.  
–David Hume

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